When it comes down to it, we are idealists. We have this really stubborn belief that the world’s problems don’t rest solely on the shoulders of the government, and people’s selfless generosity. While both play a significant part in building a more prosperous future, we believe — and evidence shows — that it is private, enterprising citizens that make up the final, necessary third of this equation; where without them, none of the other parts can survive.


Think of it like the Fire Triangle of social good. Without one factor, such as oxygen, you cannot have a flame, even if you have an infinite abundance of fuel and heat. globe


Same goes for philanthropy. You need the selfless individual donors and volunteers on the ground floor, you need the governments to enforce policy, and you need businesses to use their influence and capital to offset the difference. Our survival is dependent on the Bill Gate’s and the Mark Zuckerberg’s, the Warren Buffet’s and the Ted Turner’s. Not only for their capital, but for their brand’s influence, and that brand’s ability to activate large groups of people at once about issues that matter.


However, it’s not the big brands that truly matter. It’s the little economies that make all the difference. The small businesses that are the backbone of American society. The enterprising citizens of this world whose size makes them more transparent and honest, unlike the multinational corporations who are tied up in an unfathomable amount of special interests. It’s the local entrepreneurs who can activate honest, small change; which, in conjunction with others, snowballs into a much larger, unstoppable, organic revolution.


And by operating under this principle, we believe in providing business services — or in our case PR — with a philanthropic incentive attached to it can act as a catalyst to this change, by not only growing your business and the social benefits that come from having a stronger economy, but by also using a portion of that service to help change the world for the better.

We encourage our clients and casual readers to do the same as well, since there is a strong business case for incorporating philanthropy into your brand, as we reflect on our blog.

Additionally, on our blog, we muse about potential solutions to critical humanitarian crises’, such as water shortages. We also write about clever business and behavioral solutions to consumer engagement and present research to assert those claims.

In the end it all boils down to this though:

We try to provide suggestions, knowledge and resources that help businesses and individuals change the world through the most effective and frankly unconventional means that we know how, while providing business with the brand authority they need to accomplish greater things through high profile PR services, where they can hopefully use that influence to greater change the world.