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More Authority; More Profits

Ever bought something that an article suggested?

Talk to your personal publicist about how to close more sales today!


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We have a lot of luck getting into Yahoo News. The way their editorial process works, and the clients we target, makes the probability high. It’s no risk. If we don’t place you, you don’t pay.

Yes. Here’s one where we recently got ourselves published in Yahoo News. We talk about the scientifically proven power of being authoritative, and methods you can harness to project authority. 

Everyone’s brand and story are different. Therefore, we listen to you for about 30 minutes in order to figure out what the most valuable article would be for you, based on your goals. 

Then we pitch!

Compared to most PR, very little. The average industry cost of PR is $2,000/month on the very low end of the spectrum, and requires a retainer (go ahead, Google it). Ours is significantly lower at $1,200, and doesn’t require a retainer. We also shoot for top tier publications, which is the pinnacle of PR placements. For less than the cost of a new MacBook, you can have a powerful article you can send clients to whenever you need to build trust with them. 

Yes. We work with to provide payment plans. It just requires 25% up front, and splits the payments into 4 monthly payments. There is no credit check, and no interest. We just charge 5% more to cover’s fees. 

If you want traffic, invest in ads, and a solid inbound marketing strategy like SEO, and email marketing.  PR isn’t about traffic. It’s about trust and authority. Sure, you will get traffic, but that’s not what you’re paying for. You’re paying for the ability to direct your customers to a place they can trust, a place that gives a non-bias, third party recommendation that you will be able to show to any current or future customer in order to get them to make an easier decision. Think about it, when was the last time you bought something based on the recommendation from an article?

Print decisions are unilaterally left up to editors. You will at the very least get an online version, and a print one is discretionary and never up to the writer, especially in predominant publications.  

Yes. It’s profits, not revenues though. If there is money left over after expenses, it goes right to local food banks.

If you’re interested in backlinks, we are equipped to do this, and have better services to offer than this one if link building is your goal. We don’t promise any links for this service.

However, these articles have a strong domain authority and rank naturally for keywords. Most writers are required by their editors to SEO optimize the articles so the site gets traffic. Therefore, if we provide them some good keywords, they are usually grateful for the help, since it makes them look good.

When we survey our clients who do track these things, they say if they direct clients to an article as part of the marketing package, they typically close 35% more deals. 

The best evidence of this working is to look at behavioral scientists. For instance, the famous Milgram shock experiments, where Yale’s Stanley Milgram got 60% of test subjects to administer a simulated fatal shock to a stranger when the authoritative researcher told them to do so. This experiment has been replicated hundreds of times.

Researchers such as Dr. Robert Cialdini also say that “authority” is one the pillars of the psychology of persuasion, and has written best selling books around it.