Tired Of Waiting For Expensive SEO Results?

There is a way that cuts the time, and cost to rank for a competitive keyword in half. 


Instead of ranking your site, imagine having an article in a reputable publication that ranks well for your keyword, and essentially recommends your brand. A third party recommendation is more powerful than your site ever will be on its own. This can bypass the long, arduous process of ranking your site for a competitive keyword, while providing authoritative proof from the publication recommending your brand.


First, we get an article written about your brand on a high authority publication (Domain Authority 70+), under one of our writer accounts.  This high Domain Authority means that it already has the voltage that’s necessary to rank above everyone else. What we supply is essentially the amperage, also known as Page Authority.


The article will be between 1,000 – 2,000 words, depending on how much is needed in order to satisfy Google.  It will include you as the primary source, which can include quotes, feature information, market research, and outbound links to your site. 


It will also be optimized with multimedia, which can be existing YouTube videos, Slideshares, images, and more, all keyword optimized.


Then we acquire backlinks from relevant, smaller websites (DA 10 – 30) to increase that article’s Page Authority. We then amplify this article on popular social media websites, resulting in organic traffic, and more links. Every month, we share more, and solicit more links. 


Additionally, it augments any ongoing SEO campaigns by providing a super powerful backlink back to your website that’s entirely optimized for the keyword’s that you’re targeting.


This is a great hack to rank for competitive keywords that would otherwise take a large budget to rank for.

What's The Cost?

Article + first month of links + social shares = $575


Monthly subscription fee, which includes new links + shares = $295


Note: The amount of time this takes to rank is dependent on the keyword competition. It could take upwards of a year to rank this for the most competitive keywords.  Less competitive one’s could take a few months. That’s SEO for you.


Note: Ending the subscription will result in the article being taken down.


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