Looking to expand your reputation by becoming mentioned in top tier publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, CIO and The Wall Street Journal?

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Think of this like a public relations service, but for a lower cost, with more security, more discretion, and guaranteed results.

Compare this to the current PR model, where the average retainer for PR services is on average $3,00 to $10,000+ a month (source: http://bit.ly/2rseoDZ), with limited results (if you have hired a PR firm in the past, you know what I mean).

Sure, they have clients that they have placed in prestigious publications and have no problem flaunting this all over their website, however, normally, most clients end up paying tens of thousands of dollars before that happens, if at all.

With us, that’s not the case. We charge on a by publication basis at rates that are far more reasonable compared to traditional PR firms. Also, we make it no risk to you; asking for no money up front. Instead we use an escrow service (Escrow.com, typically) that secures the funds in a legally protected, arbitrated environment, where you only release to funds to us once we have delivered your placement. This guarantees a fair, secure, honest transaction on all sides.

Additionally, we sign NDA’s with all clients in order to protect our client’s reputation and authenticity even more.

If you would like to schedule a meeting and speak to a director, please do so at https://calendly.com/aberryhill. You may also email alex@gaeasolutions.org.

In the end, you can go with the honest, guaranteed way with Gaea Solutions, or the expensive, risky way with others. You’re choice. However, as a decision maker, you’re probably a practical person, and already know the best answer.

So, what sets us apart from our competition?

We’re philanthropic:

We give a percentage back to the non profit (501(c)3) of your choice, and give you the receipt.

We base our fees below industry averages:

So that receipt is essentially a discount on a discount.

We are connected with some of the largest publications in the world.

Bloomberg? Yeah, we can get you in there. Forbes? Definitely. Entrepreneur? Of course. Wall Street Journal? Absolutely. List goes on and on.

We charge less and promise more.

We don’t deliver; you don’t pay. And you never pay as much as a traditional PR firm, who charges $3 – 10K per month and don’t promise amazing results.

We are secure.

We use escrow ensuring that both sides have a fair transaction and that results are guaranteed. Additionally, we sign NDA’s with all our clients to ensure we don’t spoil the authenticity of the articles by plastering your name all over our site. Notice how you don’t see a portfolio?

To recap: We’re personal, we’re affordable, and we help you change the world in your vision.

So, what are you waiting for?

E-mail us.


Check out this spreadsheet which contains information on publications, rates, site metrics, examples, and more:


Legal stuff & Disclaimers:

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this should not be considered legal advice. You should seek appropriate counsel for your own situation. And please note, this post is directed toward readers in the United States. If you are conducting business outside the United States, I highly encourage you to find and understand your obligations regarding disclosure.

Disclaimer: I am not an accountant and this should not be considered accounting advice in regards to anything of that matter, including charitable deductions or deductions in general. You should seek appropriate counsel for your own situation, and to confirm the application our services have to your business. And please note, this post is directed toward readers in the United States. If you are conducting business outside the United States, I highly encourage you to find and understand your obligations regarding disclosure.

We are partnered with many other vendors who act independently as independent contractors, using their own technology and their own methods. They assume all responsibility and torts for any actions that may happen as a misrepresentation or poor implementation of their services. We will be active in holding them accountable to a legally reasonable degree.

*We reserve the right to refuse any cause you may want to support based on ideological grounds. In the vast majority of cases we will support whatever you support, however, we do not support hate groups, or groups promoting bad science, like the anti vaccine movement. Like our ideology, we are rigorous in maintaining a transparent profile on everything we do, and therefore we must disclose that some endorsements and recommendations were incentivized to be given. Operating a business with integrity is the key to success. This is also required by the FTC.

**Due to the fact that we cut a check immediately to a cause once the money comes in, all work is considered non-refundable. If there happens to be a serious issue, then we can figure something out, however the donation is completely non-refundable.