Looking for a zero-risk opportunity to expand your business’s reputation through placements in major publications?




Our services provide brand positioning, media outreach, and search engine optimization all in one.


 Our placements help companies build their reputation, increase their authority, and reach wider audiences. Our contacts’ articles usually include backlinks to your website, which encourages traffic and improves your page’s performance in search engine rankings. 


We guarantee results at no risk.


  • No fees up front.

  • Payment upon completion.

  • We use escrow.com to secure all transactions for all sides.

  • NDA’s with all clients to preserve authenticity


We work differently.


Traditional PR firms charge an average of $3000 to $10000 per month in retainer fees and often don’t deliver meaningful results. While these firms are able to place their clients in prestigious publications, many clients end up paying thousands before that happens. Even then, most of their article placements don’t contain backlinks, meaning they won’t increase site traffic or improve page rankings. Our services make a bigger impact at a lower cost. 


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This spreadsheet contains information on the different publications we work with, site metrics, packages, and pricing.


Due to volume of requests, we are currently only taking clients either by referral or through direct outreach. You may also call our referral line and leave a message or enter your contact information below.


Referral line: (720) 924-8653 


What sets us apart?


We’re philanthropic.

We donate five percent of proceeds back to the non-profit (501(c)3)

of your choice, and provide you with the receipt.


Our fees are lower than industry averages —

we charge less and promise more.

If for some reason we can’t deliver, you don’t pay a cent.

Pay less for guaranteed results.


We’re connected with contributors for some

of the largest publications in the world.

Bloomberg? We can get you in there. Forbes? 

Entrepreneur? Wall Street Journal? Absolutely.


We’re zero-risk and secure.

We use escrow, ensuring a fair transaction for both parties.

We sign NDA’s with all of our clients and we never spoil the articles’

authenticity by referencing your company’s name on our site.

















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**Due to the fact that we cut a check immediately to a non-profit once a payment is secured through escrow, all payments are considered non-refundable. If there happens to be a serious issue, then we can figure something out, however the charitable donation is completely non-refundable.