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Human vs Goldfish: The Struggle for Attention Online
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In an era of soundbites and Vines, people are being more and more bombarded by information than they ever have been throughout history, with the average person being advertised to 5000 times per day. So how do we make sure … Read More

The Economic Impact of Climate Change
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At this point, unless you have been repeatedly hit in the head with a rock until you’ve entered a state of permanent amnesia (or if you love Fox News only second to American Jesus), then you know that climate change … Read More

An old technology that could change our future. Pulling clean water out of the air, inexpensively.
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Since the Inca’s, civilization has used biomimicry to pull water out of the air, in order to fill their irrigation channels and cisterns, leading to one of the most revered and longevic Western empires. However, nowadays, with a growing population and … Read More

There is No Box, Ep. 2: Eliminate Your Corporate Rent, Become Mobile, Build a Network. An Example
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I was recently having beers with a colleague of mine; talking about his girlfriend’s hair styling business. He expressed that she rented a booth, where she had control of her fee, and relative independence. However, a problem arose. She needed … Read More

The Clowns in Our Brain: The Forer Effect, AKA The P.T. Barnum Effect
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Maybe you’re into them, maybe you aren’t, however, one thing stays constant: How do we read arbitrary, pseudo-predictive text, like horoscopes, and attribute them to be personal? Do these people have extra perceptive powers? Does the universe really align in … Read More

People have good intentions… no, really. And it shows in their spending
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We truly live in a time where people are not only enjoying businesses doing good on the world, we are expecting it. As of late, there has been lots of research into a market phenomenon known as Cause Marketing — … Read More