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Study after study shows that SEO is one of the best inbound marketing techniques there is. A Nielsen study shows it ranks in the “extremely important” category of marketing channels and a SmartInsights study shows that it has a 46% higher ROI than social media. HubSpot calls it the top priority for marketing managers.


Neilsen study showing effectiveness of SEO
Source: Neilsen
SmartInsights study showing effectiveness of SEO
Source: SmartInsights
ROI of inbound vs outbound marketing
Source: HubSpot
Hubspot says that SEO is inbound marketers preferred medium
Source: HubSpot


So, what is SEO, without all the marketing terms?

Simply put, search engines are looking for websites that audiences want to interact with. This means they have to be filled with information (quality content), easy to navigate, and trustworthy. Therefore:

1. We create keyword relevant, written content that is better than the other sites vying for that rank.

2. We make sure your website has the proper, industry standard structure so that people can navigate it easily.

3. We get your website cited by authoritative websites, which give it credibility and trustworthiness. Think public relations, more or less. 

That’s the SEO process, in an incredibly basic sense. It’s actually quite technical underneath. However, if you want to know all the factors necessary for a well-optimized site, this infographic by Search Engine Journal does a great job laying it out.


What can Gaea Solutions do for you?

We come up with an actionable plan, and implement industry best practices in order to have you seeing an ROI as quickly as the alogirthms can work. We use white-hat techniques, and a research focused mentality in order to get you more traffic, and ultimately, sales.