How would you spend a $10k/month Google advertising grant?

Google Ad Grants is way more than $10,000/month in ad credits. It’s an effective way to find volunteers, sell mission-based services, hire, fundraise, promote events, do general outreach, and more, on the most popular site in the world.

We help non-profits apply for the grant and then once they are approved, we can help set up and manage their ad campaigns, and make sure they stay in compliance with the grants’ TOS.

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We offer to get you approved for the grant. Then once you are, we have a flexible program to help set up effective ads that reach the people who will fill your goals.

It’s essential to have a professional doing your ads if you have a Good Ad Grant, as stepping out of compliance can cost you the grant. We make sure you stay in compliance, while maximizing your return on ad spend.

As our contribution to non-profit’s, we will get you approved for the grant, at no cost. We’ll set it up to run AI-assisted Smart Campaigns so that it never goes out of compliance. However, Smart Campaigns don’t convert like a human monitored campaign does, and certainly won’t use the entire $10k in ad spend that Google grants you every month. In order to do this, we set up a custom plan for you that we guarantee will return at least 2 to 1 on your investment. 

We guarantee a combined average 5% click through rate on all the ads that we manage for you. This is the aggregate of all of the ads, not 5% on every single ad.

We also guarantee you will stay in compliance, and if you slip out of compliance somehow, we will get you back in it. 

Our guaranteed ROI is 2:1. For every dollar spent, it will return at least $2. Really, you can’t go wrong with this service.

We hear this a lot. No, they aren’t just ads. Google Ads are a way to get priority on Google Search for any topic related to your non-profit. In other words, your org gets priority whenever someone is actively looking for what you offer, or require.

Need to hire someone? Well, now you can get priority in search results for people who are looking for the specific job you are offering. Need volunteers? Now whenever someone is searching for volunteer opportunities in your area, your organization gets priority. Need donations? People actively looking to donate to a cause like yours can learn about your mission. Someone looking for a mission-based service that you offer? Yours gets priority too.

These are just some of the options. It’s a creative tool that allows you to bolster your outreach to the tune of $10,000/month. 

Most likely, yes. We wrote a detailed post on the eligibility and compliance requirements.

Feel free to do it yourself as well! There is a learning curve for Google Ads which you may not have time for. Not knowing the fundamentals of Google ads will get your application rejected. However, if you do know how to use Google Ads, we wrote a blog post on how to apply and get approved.

Yes. It’s not $10,000/month in cash. However, ultimately, ads are designed to make organizations money. 

The global average return on ad spend, better known as ROAS, for Google Ads, is 2:1. That means for every dollar of your ad credits that you spend, on average, you’ll make two. So if you spend your full $10,000, you should, on average, expect $20,000 in returns. That’s $240,000/year.

Keep in mind, you get this spend through the grant – it’s not two dollars for every dollar that you spend with us. What we charge to get you to the point where you’re spending your full $10,000/month is a tiny fraction of that.