What do we offer?

Our services provide brand positioning, media outreach, and search engine optimization all in one.

We get brands mentioned in the world’s biggest publications — none of that small niche stuff! We work with publications that brands are proud to appear in, after all, who doesn’t want their business featured in Forbes Magazine? We do our best to make sure that each article includes at least one backlink to our client’s site for SEO and site traffic benefits. Most PR firms don’t bother to do this, and their clients miss out. Click here to read more about backlinks and their importance in search engine page ranking.

How do we do it?

We have large networks of writers through our relationships with them, or with other publicists. Therefore we can service many different industries.

How are we no-risk?

It’s simple: if we don’t deliver on our promises, you don’t have to pay. We use escrow and refundable deposits, so our clients don’t have to release payments until their articles are published. This ensures a fair and secure transaction in a neutral, legally arbitrated environment for all parties involved.

How long does it take?

Depends on the publication. Low and mid tier publications take 2 weeks on average. High tier publications can take 4 – 8 weeks. However, some can take 2 weeks. We know, bad answer, however, we are beholden to the editors of the publications, and their calendars and permissions are different for every publication and writer.

How much does it cost?

Depends on the tier of publication. The top tier publications like Forbes typically go for $4900, since they are the cream of the crop, and if you can’t afford $4900, you probably aren’t ready to be in those publications. Middle tier publications such as Social Media Today, and Hubspot.com, that get between 500,000 – 8 million visitors a month, are $2450. Then $1125 for the low tier publications, that get between 100,000 – 1,000,000 visitors per month. If you’re ever curious about the traffic of a website, there is a free tool called Similar Web that will tell you the statistics.

Can we lower our prices to fit a client’s budget?

We lower prices if we are confident we can get you in some publications quickly, due to things we have heard within our networks. If we think it’s possible to do something quickly, we usually are pretty compromising on price, assuming you fit the criteria of what our networks are looking for.

Can I see some examples of work you’ve done for clients?

Discretion is everything for us, so we sign NDAs with all our clients. Feel free to see what work we’ve done for ourselves on our Proof of Work page.

Any questions we didn’t cover? Feel free to contact us.