What do we offer?

Our services provide brand positioning, media outreach, and search engine optimization all in one.

We get brands mentioned in the world’s biggest publications — none of that small niche stuff! We work with publications that brands are proud to appear in, after all, who doesn’t want their business featured in Forbes Magazine? We do our best to make sure that each article includes at least one backlink to our client’s site for SEO and site traffic benefits. Most PR firms don’t bother to do this, and their clients miss out. Click here to read more about backlinks and their importance in search engine page ranking.

How do we do it?

Today’s online publications are monetized through page impressions rather than by subscription. As a result, writers are often so bogged down with the volume of content they have to create and manage that they simply don’t have time to hunt for material. We work with hundreds of contributors and help “source sources” for them.

How are we no-risk?

It’s simple: if we don’t deliver on our promises, you don’t have to pay. We use escrow, and our clients don’t have to release payments until their articles are published. This ensures a fair and secure transaction in a neutral, legally arbitrated environment for all parties involved.

Can we lower our prices to fit a client’s budget?

We always try to work with clients to provide meaningful results on a budget they can afford, but as a rule of thumb, if a business can’t afford to appear in a publication as prestigious as Forbes, they’re probably not ready to appear in a publication as prestigious as Forbes. We set our fees based on industry averages, and we typically deliver more than traditional PR firms. No price gouging here. However we are flexible, but not malleable, if that makes sense.

Can clients get in individual specific publications instead of buying a package?

Yes, although it’ll be more expensive. If a company wants to feature in a specific publication, then we are happy to pitch our sources to place them, but that means that we have to wait a while before we can place another client there, since we only have so many contacts at a given publication.

We are philanthropic.

We donate 5% of all proceeds to non-profit organizations of the client’s choice.