The Economic Impact of Climate Change

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Land and Ocean Temperature Percentiles, May 2016
Chart provided by NOAA

At this point, unless you have been repeatedly hit in the head with a rock until you’ve entered a state of permanent amnesia (or if you love Fox News only second to American Jesus), then you know that climate change is one of the most pressing issues challenging our existence as a species.

Other than the almost Hollywood level destruction on our current environment, researchers predict that climate change could cost us 700 billion dollars a year in economic destruction through everything from infrastructure damage, to migrating people who we will undoubtedly have to accommodate; costing us all sorts of assets, from financial to natural ones. Yes, that’s right Trump supporters, the thing that you deny is creating your worst nightmare: immigrants and more taxes.

However, it’s not geriatrics and their xenophobic populism that has to worry about climate change (since they’ll be dead soon enough), it’s the younger generation, who, according to The Huffington Post, if they are under the age of 31, hasn’t lived in a single month that has been cooler than average. More specifically, according to NASA, the last below average temperature month was July of 1985. That was before the World Wide Web, and during the Cold War, to put things in perspective.

Strangely, who would have known that the Cold War had more literal meaning in its name than intended? 

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