Thinking Outside the Box, Ep2: Change?

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No, not Obama change. Change. You know, spare change. That generally useless stuff that always gets lost in the couch, or in the car, or in your washing machine, cozying up with the 5th dimension troll who steals your socks.


No, this isn’t a feature about saving you money, or educating you in quantum physics or trolls; it’s about the loose relationship we have with change… you know, loose change.


I’ve worked at a cash register a lot in my life, having people telling me to “keep the change” on large chunks of money all the time. 50 cents here, 20 cents there, sometimes whole dollars. I mean, how many times have you done this when you’re in a hurry?


Now imagine all the times where a cashier asked if you wanted to round up your total to the nearest dollar to support a cause?


While I haven’t taken formal data on this, and I try my best to account for cognitive bias (but nevertheless succumb to it, like everyone), from observation, I’ve seen that the majority of people do it, and I’ve heard co-workers having the same success.

Duke University professor, and renowed psychologist and economist Dan Airley

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