There is No Box, Ep. 2: Eliminate Your Corporate Rent, Become Mobile, Build a Network. An Example

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think outside the box

I was recently having beers with a colleague of mine; talking about his girlfriend’s hair styling business. He expressed that she rented a booth, where she had control of her fee, and relative independence. However, a problem arose. She needed to market herself to a contingency of already brand loyal people, through a maelstrom of highlight specialists, and hair diva competitors.

At first, I thought, “Oh she needs a portfolio, and a website (which she still needs)”, and I got to thinking: how do we remove the booth entirely, and get her in places that are diverse, interesting, and filled with people who have money and connections?

Then it hit me: Series B or higher startups.

Hear me out. The tech industry is constantly coming up with new benefits that attract talent. I’ve seen startups with kegerators, housecleaning, valet service, massage, gym memberships, wine clubs, company cars, and even nap rooms.

Why? Because it’s very hard to attract good tech talent. For example, HubSpot has recently went so far as to offer 30 grand commission to people who know talent.

Since acquiring talent is so lucrative, as a company, why wouldn’t you add a barber to the payroll? But most importantly, as the barber, why not be the one who gets their foot in the door in thriving, monetarily rich atmosphere, where image is necessary?

And for god sake, why slave away in the same musty hair salon, which smells like a combination between a Marshalls discount section and the 80’s, and hearing the same ol’ complaints from your gossipy competitors (eh hem — I mean co-workers)? Why not be apart of something new, and exciting, surrounded by intelligent, connected people? Why pay for a booth?! They are expensive.

This is only one example of a perk that a startup would want to employ, so start getting creative. However (nearly) everyone needs haircuts in a professional setting.

Think about it.

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