Young Geniuses: The Android Teenager

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Picture of Arsh Shah Dilbagi
By Shweta Agarwal – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Source

It’s no secret that younger minds are better learners. Research has shown that their brains are more neuroplastic, allowing for quicker connections, and thus faster learning (this is also why we have to raise our children in healthy environments so these connections aren’t corrupted, but that’s an entirely different subject.) In this ongoing series, we will explore how very young creatives are using their observations of the world to create a more prosperous, intelligent future.

Arsh Dilbagi isn’t human. Well, he is, but he is so in tune with the artificially intelligent world, people have affectionately dubbed him “Robo”. So what makes him deserving of a relatively pretentious nickname? Well, he’s been honored twice consecutive Presidents of India, won the Voter’s Choice Award at the 2014 Google Science Fair, and 4 awards at the 2015 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair… and he did this all before the age of 18. He can have that nickname, it’s his, he owns it.

What did he do to win so much prestige at such a young age? Well, he figured out how to enable people who can not speak to literally speak by turning their breaths into morse code, and then translating them into recognizable speech patterns, allowing them to give vocal commands to things that don’t respond to sign language or non-verbals. This technology is known simply as TALK.

But it doesn’t stop there. He also invented CLUMSY, an artificially intelligent neural network that teaches robots how to machine learn to walk on their own.

Additionally, he has also engineered VIKI, a home automation system somewhere along the lines of JARVIS, from Iron Man. However, it doesn’t stop there: he has also created unmanned, semi autonomous vehicles that can handle multiple terrains, WordPress plugins for screenshots, and 3D printing technology.

Keep in mind this is all before he was able to buy cigarettes (in the US that is.)


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