Google Ad Grants Are Way More Than Only Ads

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Google Ad Grants are way more than an indefinite $10,000/month in free advertising on the most popular platform in the world. Google Ad Grants is a solution for many non-profit’s most dire problems. 


Advertise to people who are specifically looking for the position you need filled.

Lack of volunteers?

Target volunteers in your area who are actively looking for opportunities with a non-profit like yours. 

Need to fundraise?

Target people who are actively looking to make donations in your area.

Need to sell services?

Have pets that need adopting, food to give away, or mission-based services to sell? Google Ad Grants allow you to get in front of the people who are actively looking for those services. 

Do you host events?

If you’re throwing an event, then you can promote it on Google Ads. Now whenever someone is looking for something to do in your area, your event will have priority over others in the search results.

It’s a solution for everything.

There are many reasons why you’d need to reach someone. The beauty of Google Ads is that it specializes in targeting by intent. Search intent that is.

So what is search intent? Simply, when people search for something, it’s typically because they are interested in it and “intend” to do something. Now, if you target those interests, your ad can draw them to a part of your website that’s relevant to them.

For instance, if someone searches “volunteer for animal shelter Denver” you can have an ad that says “Denver animal shelter looking for volunteers.” If someone is looking to donate to cancer research, you can have an ad that says, “your donation will go a long way towards fighting cancer.”

The Average Return Is $20,000/month.

On average, Google Ads return 2:1 for every dollar spent. So if you’re able to run enough average performing ads that spend the $10,000/month, you’re looking at a $20,000 monthly return.
This might be bias on our end, but we recommend that you hire a professional to manage your ads, since professionals usually return greater than 2:1. Plus, learning and executing a new skill takes time; time you probably don’t have.  Therefore, with a $20,000/month return, the cost to hire a pro to manage these ads is infinitesimal, especially since pros typically return better than $20,000/month.

We recently updated our Google Ads Search Certification, and are ready to provide your organization with a no-risk way to become approved for Google Ad Grants. We make sure all the documentation is in order, set up ads to be in compliance, configure your analytics accounts, and go through the entire grant process. We can also build campaigns that have great returns.

If we don’t get you approved, you don’t have to pay. Check out our Guaranteed Approval For Google Ad Grants Service to learn more.

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